Quick! Tell me what you know about Bella Thorne. What has she been in? Aright, I’ll give you some time… maybe, the people from my younger cousin’s generation might remember her from the Disney show, “Shake it Off”. However, she has completely shaken off that image. Now, it seems like she’s only in the news because of her love life. Recently, she was in what seemed like a hot and heavy relationship with Tyler Posey. She even posted a picture of herself in his underwear. Then, yesterday, she was caught making out with Charlie Puth at the beach. When did Charlie begin and Tyler end? Before Tyler, Bella revealed she’s bisexual, and it was rumored she broke up with then boyfriend Gregg Sulkin, to be with her brother’s ex-girlfriend and her long time friend, Bella Pendergrast. Mind you, this is still all 2016. Does anyone even know she has a new show coming out in the next year? Does anyone care? Honestly, we can’t all be like Taylor Swift – have high profile romances and maintain a high profile career. Bella needs to not be so public about her love life if she wants to continue being a public figure. Soon (already), her love life will overshadow her acting resume and no one will have a reason to remember her.

Anyways, her new show, “Famous in Love”, will be on Freeform. Based off a popular book, the show will air in April. Bella should be careful and not upset all the little Tyler and Charlie fan girls or else no one will be turning in for the Freeform show.