American pop music has always had a thirst for boy bands and girl groups, but the longevity of these groups are never long. With girl groups, do you still remember The Pussycat Dolls or Danity Kane? They are done and over with, and the newest example will be Fifth Harmony.

I think we all knew it was inevitable. Camila was growing as a solo act, and in interviews, we can see a rift between all the girls. They never meshed well or even hung out with one another outside of work. I’m shocked not because of Camila’s departure, but because I believe she left prematurely. I feel that when a group knows it’s about to come to an end, they usually release their last album and prepare a final tour or concert. This allows fans to say goodbye without knowing it’s goodbye. Fans can reminisce on the last time they saw or heard them before the heart breaking news. Camila pretty much wanted out of Fifth Harmony so badly that she didn’t even want to do that.

Back to my thoughts of Camila leaving the group too soon, Fifth Harmony is at the height of their success with no other America girl group competition. They are young and have time to build a bigger fan base before they all try going solo. (Recently, their songs are getting played in Japan.) Honestly, you don’t have to like your co-workers to work with them. As a solo artist, Camila has to compete with singers like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and many soon to be popular new faces. Also, she doesn’t even have half the popularity Zayn had when he quit One Direction. This is a risky decision on her career because Camila’s solo projects have all been duets. It’s hard to gauge her solo success. Plus, she had the most haters in Fifth Harmony (which is sad), and it’s now growing in numbers.

I do think that Camila should have told the other girls (Lauren, Ally, Normani, and Dinah Jane) who she pretended being friends with for over four years when she was for sure leaving. Yet, I also believe that Camila has been vocal about wanting to quit the group. Also, we all know that she was trying to fan out some flames with her response and ended up starting a wildfire. Social media is a scary and fun place.

In the end, poor Harmonizers. This is a lot for them to take in. I wish the four girls moving forward still as Fifth Harmony continued success. I  wish Camila the best with her solo endeavors, too.

Can someone please play “We Don’t talk Anymore” right now?

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EDIT: My friend told me that Shawn Mendes gave his two cents on this whole “we said, she said” thing going on. Can I just say, I don’t like it when men get into girl fights. Plus, this is obviously not at the level of a fight, so why is everyone fanning the flames so hard?