Over the weekend, I finally got to watch “Fantastic Beast and Where to find them”. As a Harry Potter and Eddie Redmayne fan, I was extremely excited. I have to say, my excitement was met; I really enjoyed the movie. Seriously though, hearing the Harry Potter theme at the start of the movie made me giddy like a little girl. Anyways, here are my thoughts about the film:



1) You can’t find a better Newt Scamander than Eddie Redmayne. He truly embodies the characters. He’s perfection, and I love watching his interviews. Eddie Redmayne is the definition of adorkable.

2) My favorite character besides Newt is, hands down, Queenie. I know nothing about the actress. I saw on Wikipedia that she’s a singer. I’ll go check out her music later. This is my first time seeing her, but she does a great job of bringing Queenie to life. She’s whimsical, a bit ditzy, but super loving. I adore her and her pink coat. Also, her dimples ❤

3) Jacob didn’t forget! He remembers Queenie! Yes! They are cute together. I felt the love between Jacob and Queenie, even the bromance between Jacob and Newt. I hope the next movie will step up with Newt and Tina.

4) Is Credence dead? That last flying ash thing might foreshadow otherwise. Though poor baby, he suffered so much. Don’t be too evil when you come back. I was searching online about his identity and his mother’s. Can Credence possibly be Tom Riddle’s grandfather? Alright, alright, that might be a stretch.


5) Where is the real Graves? Because I would like to continue seeing Colin Farrell in this franchise. He is so cool. Is the real him good or evil? I say evil.

6) When it was revealed that Johnny Depp is Grindelwald, I was a bit disappointed. Anyone else? Well, where there is a Grindelwald, there must be a Dumbledore. Who will be cast to play Dumbledore? I have no suggestions, but the fifth film is speculated to end with the fight between the two wizards. The more I learn about this franchise, the less it becomes about the fantastic beast.

7) I definitely get a feel about how JK Rowling feels about America. It makes sense/parallels to what is happening in the US. America’s magical world has a bunch of misconceptions and fear for No-maj and fantastic beasts. Americans are intolerant of no-maj and are stricter in comparison to the UK about relationships between no-maj and wizards/witches. If the movie wanted to include social commentary, that’s cool. But, I felt that there needs to be more push and pull if one is to add social commentary. By the way, doesn’t no-maj sound ugly especially in comparison to muggle?

8) I’m looking forward to seeing more about Newt’s life. The in depth reason he was expelled, his war-hero brother, and his relationship with Leta Lestrange. Oh, those pure blood families. I’m iffy about Zoe Kravtiz, but it is really nothing. JK Rowling has always given her characters such colorful and intriguing back stories, so I am ready to know more about Newt.

leta lestrange.gif

9) I do really like this movie, but to have four more films follow… Will the magic be able to carry for that long?

10) Lastly, my favorite is the niffler.