~ Warning SPOILERS!!! Movie Review: Mission Impossible 1 ~

               Backstory: Growing up with immigrant parents, I hardly went to the movie theaters since it’s not like they can understand. I didn’t grow up watching movies. Maybe, that’s why I am more of a TV show kind of girl. Recently, with the power of the internet and a Netflix account, I started watching more and more old movies.

Summary: After Ethan Hunt is framed for the death of several of his colleagues and falsely labeled a traitor, the secret agent embarks on a dangerous scheme to clear his name in this spy adventure.


  • Wow! I knew of Tom Cruise after he became the crazy scientologist. Seeing him this young and cool, he was actually quite handsome before. I didn’t know.
  • SHIT! We get a death so quick into the movie. RIP! Jack the tech guy.
  • Alright, I knew Jim aka the leader needed to die so Ethan could be the main man, but for the whole team to be killed so soon. I was not expecting it.
  • Never mind, they didn’t all die. Jim’s wife is still alive. You better not bang her, Ethan. I will be seriously disappointed if you do.
  • Oh snaps, my daddy has those magnifying glasses headgear the tech black guy is wearing. That’s nostalgic.
  • Claire seems conniving AF. Jim, did you marry the mole?
  • Oh man, they are all evil. Fuck you, Jim!
  • Wait? So, Claire and Ethan do it? Come one, that’s like the one thing Ethan shouldn’t have done even if your mentor is evil and even if you don’t think she’s a backstabber. You can’t trust a girl like that.
  • Dang, Jim, you whore your wife out and now you kill her. Don’t touch her dead body like that, Ethan. SMH!
  • I just checked. This movie was released in 1996. That’s 20 years ago. For a movie that is 20 years old, the action scenes and sequence are still quite sound.

Review: Overall, the movie was entertaining enough. The plot was decent. The action though a tad fake looking at times but still pretty awesome especially for its time. I have to say that I was easily distracted by other stuff while watching the movie though. Still, it was a solid movie, I suppose.