~ WARNING SPOILERS!!! “Crossing Lines” Season Two Review ~

              I just finished watching season two of “Crossing Lines”, and before I talk about that crazy ending, I want to first say that I can’t believe how good season two was. A lot of plots were focus on the characters instead of the crimes this time around, but it was great getting to know more of the team and its members. Viewers are getting attached and it will only make their lost more emotional. We lost two in season one, and the first one happened too fast and too soon to affect us.
As an Americans, I feel like this show is pretty educational about Europe. I knew nothing about ‘Travelers’. I actually had to google it, and I learned so much. It’s fun learning things.
Alright, let’s talk about that ending. All along, it kept hinting at a death. The scene with Tommy getting shot, I was so worried that it would be him. Luckily, it wasn’t. I was just starting to love his hot headed personality and his developing feelings for Eva. Also, I want to see more conflict with his family and work. It wasn’t Tommy, so then I was super scared for Carl. It was obvious that the psychiatrist was off, off with evil intent. They were alone together for a long time. Also, when I was looking up pictures for the season one review I wrote, Will wasn’t in the posters for season three. That got me thinking. Also, his whole love you confession to Amanda made it seem like a farewell. So, when Luis got shot three fucking times, my heart broke. It should not have been him. It was too sudden; he just opened the door. Luis is the boss man. He was tortured before but lived through that and was able to rekindle his love with Rebecca. It made me sad when he was talking about seeing his dead son again. They and we can’t lose the team leader. How will the show continue? It kind of can’t… Shit! Luis just had a bonding moment with Tommy. Is that why he has to go? There’s always a loving moment before someone dies on a show. Changing topics, what is going on with Eva? We are just left with Dorn sitting in her hotel room looking concerned though I’m sure she is surviving and will be back for the next season. A reunion with her supposed dead mafia daddy will definitely be interesting. Dang, Luis seriously assemble a team filled of people with problems, hard core problems that conflict with their jobs.
Overall, I am look forward to season three. I want to hold out hope that Luis isn’t really dead because I can’t understand how or why. Also, I would like to know why Carl isn’t in the posters for season three. Losing Luis and Carl will be a huge blow to the show, and I don’t know if it is a hit they can take. I am excited to see more intricate crime plots and building more team bond. Let’s see more of Arabella. With death and departure, there has to be replacements. I am praying it will be good and the dynamic of the show will not be ruined…