~ Warning Spoilers!! ~


                    ~Warning SPOILERS!!!~ Here I am, the end. Oh my, my heart…

                    Wow! They stuffed everyone in this last episode. We get Miss Celine, Dean, Christopher, and my favorite: Sookie. Oh gosh, the scene with Sookie was perfect! Thank you Melissa McCarthy. I’m so glad you were able to come back.
I was also really happy to see Dean. I love that he was there to explain that sometimes first love doesn’t last, but it’s okay. It can be left as a lovely memory.
SHIT! I started freaking out during Rory and Christopher’s conversation. She kept emphasizing the notion of being a single mother and having the father be left in the dark. There were hints left and right that the show will end with a pregnancy. At that moment, I knew Rory was with baby. Come on, we all know Christopher=Logan.
Then, I was reminded of Paul. Soon after, I remembered the Wookie. With that, I became sad. Please let it be Logan’s baby. I guess that’s why she is going to leave the father in the dark because who is the father. If the baby is Logan’s, I don’t mind that she doesn’t tell him. She needed to move on from him.
Alright, so, we all saw Jess’s longing look at Rory, right? Because it suddenly hit me! If Logan=Christopher, then Jess=Luke. That is why I thought the ending was perfect. Rory is Loerlai, but Lorelai isn’t Emily. Rory is like an improved Lorelai because you know.. Also, can we please give Emily all the praise and then some more. OMG! Her character growth was so on point. You’re awesome. Thank you for showing us that we can all be fine, we can all move on. It’s going to be okay. Thank you…
Looking back, I have been a bit harsh with this revival. I wasn’t a fan of the plot and didn’t enjoy what was going on with Rory, but I found this ending making sense. The overflowing joy at the end with Lorelai and Luke’s wedding+planning made me so freaking happy. At that point, I didn’t want the show and good vibes to end.
It ended in a full circle. Lorelai needs money. She goes to Emily. They strike up a deal, just like old times. Rory becomes Lorelai in a sense with a Christopher and Luke in her life along with a baby. I bet the baby is a girl.
As for the final four words, I felt cheated because I thought it was going to be four words. It was simply two words because let’s be real. It’s “I’m pregnant.”
Final thoughts: Luke’s confession was everything. =D I’m glad the major conflicts and fights were patched up. However, what happened to Paris and where the heck did April go? I understand that some people are unhappy with the revival. It’s been a long time of people pinning for the correct ending. It would be hard to meet all these high expectations, but I thought the ending was proper and right. Let’s all take a step back. Thinking it over, this is how it should have ended. Sighs, man, I want to watch it from the beginning again. I can go back and enjoy the Rory I actually liked.
Lastly, thank you Amy Sherman-Palladino!