~Warning Spoilers!!~

            If you read my previous review for winter, then you’ll know I wasn’t in love with it. Well, spring is definitely better. There were some serious laughs out loud moments especially with the town hall meeting and Paris. I really like her return. We are starting to see the conflicts between Luke and Lorelai play out. I dig it – they are stuck even if they don’t want to admit it. Plus, I love the presence of Richard in this episode and the interaction between Emily, Luke, and the property agent were fun.

OK! So, spring is an improvement from winter, but I still do not like Rory. That whole one night stand with the Wookie!!! What is that about? It was out of place and out of character even if she is someone who is lost in life. I get the whole plot of failing at finding a career and everything, but randomly sleeping with a Wookie… Why?

We also find out that Logan has a fiancée. That’s alright at first. Then, I thought about how the only time I disliked Rory was when she slept with Dean. (That was her first time as well.) Is Rory just in love with being the other woman? I don’t get it. Even if I am sucking at life and finding a career, I would never want to drag my love life through dirt as well. Does Rory just not have any self-love? I hope tossing her three cell phones and moving back home will mean an improvement in her story.

Lastly, what the fuck was that Mr. Kim reveal? That was straight up bullshit. That’s what it is. I’m fine with just Lane and Mrs. Kim if meeting Mr. Kim only amounts to that. Now, it’s done and out there and bad. What a shame, casting a random old Asian guy just to wave at the camera.

Final few good thoughts: Miss Babette is so adorable. Also, Taylor is so very much Taylor which is awesome.

I’ll be back after watching summer.