~ Warning Spoilers! ~

                    After re-watching all seven seasons of “Gilmore Girls”, I wait in anticipation for free time to finally watch the new episodes. I had time for one episode two days ago, and I dove right into the first of four.

                    I was beaming with joy as as it opened with dialogue from the first ever scene and continued with some old, famous quotes from the show. Seeing the Stars Hollow sign, I was ready.

                    First off, the funeral scene made me teary eyed. They displayed a photo from one of my most favorite scenes ever – long live the romance between Emily and Richard. ❤ I’m sad again.

                    Other than that, I don’t know I feel. From some reason, I wasn’t in love. Paris is back and ready for action. That is obvious, but everyone else is lacking. The banter between Rory and Lorelai didn’t hit the right spots. The fight with Emily and Lorelai was too much and too immature. The photo argument I can bear, but the kitchen one was just too hard to swallow. What has Lorelai become? Who is this inconsiderate person? Why? How? Then, there’s Rory being quite selfish dragging a nobody boyfriend along when she knows it needs to end. To make matters worse, this sex friend relationship with Logan is not cool. I know that in the beginning of “Gilmore Girls”, Rory was portrayed as kind of a perfect angel. Slowly, she was knocked down a few pegs to show she’s human. I didn’t like it, but I got it. I understand it. However, now she has gone passed being relatable and is just self-centered. I get the whole not having a path in life, love, and career. I’m there right now, but it shouldn’t be like this because Rory isn’t like this. I hope…

                    Also, although I am technically team no one, I prefer Logan the most when I first watching the show. With Rory initiating this sex friend relationship, it means that he won’t be the one. Couldn’t there have been another way to show this?

                    I need to be optimistic. This is just the beginning. There’s still three more left. The first one obviously needs to have some nostalgic porn aspects and set up some conflicts. I’m sure it will get better especially since my expectations are a little lower. Like seriously? What’s up with Luke and Lorelai not being married when they have been the real OTP since forever?