~ TV Show Review: “Gilmore Girls” ~

OMG! I did it! I did it! I finished re-watching all seven seasons of “Gilmore Girls” before the new stuff comes out. I am so excited for the new stuff. I seriously cannot contain my excitement. It is currently super late and the 24th of November. I have work tomorrow, and I need to pack for my trip this weekend. Therefore, I will not have time to watch the new stuff right when it comes out, but I will definitely binge watch it the next weekend. I wanted to write down some thoughts before I watch the new stuff, so here it is.

When I was young and watching this show, I was Team Logan. Now as an adult, I am Team No One. It’s been what… seven/eight years? Rory has grown up and moved on. She does not need to look back at the past. Dean was a great first boyfriend who ended up cheating on his wife with Rory. I am not for cheating at all, no matter the circumstances. Jess was a jerk at first, but then he became a mature adult. Cool, now they can be mature adult friends, right? (Though I do understand why most people are Team Jess.) Logan was/is(?) a jerk, but he seriously loved Rory possibly more than Rory loved him (big probably). I want Rory to have a new man in her new adult life. I have seen the trailers, and all three of the Gilmore Girls are at a crossroad in their lives. With that said, Rory should continue moving forward and not back. A new guy would make sense, but since it was only four movies and not a show… maybe, Rory should just end up alone. It’s not a bad thing: modern, independent woman, don’t need no man is a good theme. Gosh, I am rambling already… I really need to sleep, but I want to crank out these thoughts before the 25th rolls around. Therefore, I will apologize now for all the typos now because there will be more to come.

Watching this again as an adult brings back so much memories. It was crazy the things I got teary eyed for that I didn’t as a kid. I wanted to cry at Rory’s high school graduation. Then, I got so moved at the end during the clapping scene at Rory’s Bon Voyage party. There were so many other emotional scenes. Oh man, how can I forget when Richard and Emily renewed their vows. That intro to the dance was life. RIP Edward Herrmann! I will definitely be bawling during the tribute. I wish you could be here for this…


Truly, this was a great show. All the characters are so lively, memorable, and real. It makes me want to live in a small town even though I am a city girl through and through. The humor, pop culture references, and fast speaking pace were just all A+. Yeah, yeah, the ending was rushed badly -that seventh season… SMH. In addition, I am still not sure I like April. Plus, what happened to Lane in the end? Though really, that Christopher and Lorelai out of nowhere Paris marriage… Wait, I need to stop. It’s not time to complain. I am so excited for the ‘movies’ and super duper proud of myself for re-watching everything right before the deadline. 🙂 I need to go to bed. I have so much more to say, but I really shouldn’t. I’ll just end it here. ^o^


Last thoughts: I can’t believe how much Lauren and Alexis seriously look like mother and daughter. I am glad the Melissa McCarthy was able to come back a little for “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”. I don’t want to think that she is too famous for this show anymore… 😦 It wouldn’t be the same without her especially during the scenes at the inn. Watching the trailer, when Lorelai was talking about her problems to a random woman, I got so sad. It should have been Sookie. Well, what can we do. I heard the Kirk shows up a lot in this, so I am looking forward to seeing Sean on screen. He is funny. Also, I hope that Miss Patty, the actress, is alright and healthy. Plus, Keiko has not aged one bit. Sh! She’s a vampire. JK! I am kind of excited for see Mrs. Kim again and Taylor in that trailer was so trailer. I hope Lorelai and Luke finally get a proper ending. Anyone want to guess the final four words? Ok! Time for bed and I will finish packing tomorrow after work instead. =D