Book Review: The One (A Selection Novel) By: Kiera Cass

Synopsis: Four are left; who will finally be chosen as Maxon’s princess? In addition to the selection, the walls outside the castle are become more and more dangerous. The southern ones are getting way more violent. Will there be a happy ending for anyone?

Spoiler Free Review: The first book was decent. The second book falls short. The third book sort of redeems itself. Focusing on this third book, I enjoyed reading it. It is very plot and character driven which I thoroughly appreciated. The love triangle between Maxon, America, and Aspen has finally ended. I thought the ending was appropriate. Throughout the book, America struggles between her own morality and the duties of a princess. I liked this very much and seeing her staying true to herself and being able to do the right and kind thing was amazing. America is a good role model for girls now. I was really proud to see her become more confident and not back down as to who she is. There were a few things I liked in this book, but there were a lot of things that just made me shrug.

WARNING! Spoilers: My favorite scene was definitely the final attack by the southern rebels. It cleaned everything up, pretty much. It made sense that the King had to die, so Maxon can fully commit to his duties as a revolutionary king. It was a pity that Celeste and Queen Amberly had to die as well, but I guess it was suppose to add more sadness. *shrug* I don’t know how I feel about the love between Aspen and Lucy especially with the passing of Anne, but I guess it is to show that everyone had moved on. *shrug* Poor Aspen needs to walk with a cane now, but it was lovely that he walked America down the aisle. RIP: America’s father! I think it was awesome that you were a northern rebel sympathizer. You are probably my most favorite character though your scenes were very limited.

Overall: I think the third book and first book are probably the best. As a trilogy, it is decent, but I felt that it didn’t really need three books to tell the story because there was a lot of back and forth. Additionally, it didn’t dive deep enough at certain crucial points. I think you can probably get my feelings from the vibe of this review. It’s good, but I’m not jumping up for joy. I might give the novellas a try, but I won’t be reading The Heir since the reviews aren’t that good.