TV Show Review: “Criminal Minds” Season 12 Episode 1~5

I have been an avid viewer of the show, “Criminal Minds”, since my brother introduced it to me years ago. I have stuck through it all this time and I was curious to see how season twelve will play out. In season eleven, Shemar Moore who played one of the original season one characters  bowed out. It was his own personal decision, and I respect that. Though I was a bit heartbroken, I will miss the flirty and fun banter between Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia. Then, at the start of season twelve, Thomas Gibson, another original season one actor was fired. His behavior was inappropriate, so I can understand why he was let go. Yet, it is hard to say good-bye to him when he has been the leader of the group since day one. (He is the show.) It is even more difficult because five episodes in and we still haven’t received any information about his character, Aaron Hotchner. There are some reports that plummeting ratings will bring him back. There are other reports that he will only be brought back for a proper end. Your guess is as good as mine, so let’s wait and see. However, now with two beloved characters: Morgan and Hotch gone, how will the show proceed?

Well, we have a new Morgan. He is Luke Alvez played by Adam Rodriguez. He fills the eye-candy role easily, but the writers were trying extra hard to make viewers like him. It was obvious in that one heart to heart talk with Prentiss and cute misunderstanding with Garcia. He is portrayed as a nice, just guy with an adorable dog. As his scene time increases, we see him have more interaction with the lovable Garcia. If Garcia likes him and Prentiss ok’ed him, then we should like this all around good guy, right? Come on, it’s not that easy.

Changes have happened since the uncertainty of Hotch. Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster), a fan favorite, is back as a series regular and is sort of the new leader (kind of). Aisha Tyler’s character, Tara Lewis, is now a series regular, but she’s still fairly new to the show and I don’t know if long-time fans have really bonded with her. Tara hasn’t left an imprint on viewers yet. Any given day, we can move on from her like Jennifer Love Hewitt. Diana Reid (Jane Lynch) will be back for a few episodes during the second half of this season. They are already setting it up with Spencer being extremely worried about her mental being. Jane Lynch is a popular actress; people still remember her from “Glee”. She will do the show some good, I think.

The focus needs to be on making Tara more appealing. Additionally, new addition, Luke plus soon to be new addition, Stephen Walker (Damon Gupton), needs to really win over viewers to find that huge void left by the gone original and beloved characters. Will it be possible? I really don’t know. Good luck, “Criminal Minds”. At least, the crimes and gore has been good.