I am so sad, disappointed, and embarrassed. I truly never thought that Trump would win. I thought this was a long running joke that was going to end. However, as I watched practically every single state turn red, I felt my heart drop, my stomach churn. My heart hurts. I was strong enough to wait util I got home from work to consider crying. I have always been proud to be an American, but now that patriotism is wavering as I wonder what the next four years of America will look like. I am scared. I am terrified. I worry about the minorities. I worry for their livelihood and life now that racism, misogyny, and bigotry has prevailed. People are talking about leaving for another country. I am currently living abroad, but I already had plans to go home next year. In the end of the day, America is home, and I will be going back. I am not changing my plans. Well, at least California did not disappoint me. Good luck, America… I hope we can come out of this better and stronger. Wait for my return and bury my current fears, please.

Also, to all my foreign/non-American friends, please stop asking me about this and please stop stating your jokes or opinions. Also, to my American friends, let’s stop trying to find things to blame.