Asian Drama Review: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (Episodes 1-20)

If you want to read my halfway review before this full one, here is the link: Asian Drama Review: Scarlet Heart – Ryeo (Halfway)


Warning Spoilers!!

It has been a long twenty episodes journey. Towards the end, after so many deaths, I knew there would be no happy ending. Looking back, I think Wang Eun and his wife’s death was the saddest for me. The writers just had to show a tiny glimpse of their innocent happiness before killing them. It was like here is a little cuteness, and then BAM – DEATH! Though honestly speaking, I cried the most for Hae Soo.

Truthfully, it was so sad that Wang So’s hatred pushed him so far that he wasn’t able to read the letters and see Hae Soo for the last time. Well, I kind of think it is sweet, well bittersweet, that she had a daughter in the end.

Also, I pity Jung so much. Poor boy, he was so in love with Hae Soo. He waited for her, watched over her, and loved her while she was pining for someone else. He was married to her for god’s sake, and she didn’t even try to hide it with the constant letters and paintings. Dang, Jung is such a loving man but also very dumb. It was nice seeing him treat Hae Soo’s daughter so fondly and protectively. Once again, he is a good man.

By the way, I can’t believe how big Hae Soo’s heart is. I am sorry. Chae Ryung betrayed you from the beginning and kept betraying you every single day of her life. She was a backstabbing bitch. How could you still forgive her? Additionally, as if we needed two more death to carry us to the end, of course, they had to lamely kill Won for treason. His last scene of him reflecting over Chae Ryung was a bit unnecessary, but what was more unncessary was Baek Ah meeting Wook’s daughter that reminded him of Won Hee. What was that about? Who did Wook remarry anyways? I guess that’s not important since he is the final death.

In the end, So was left all alone. He sees his wife and son as competition, so he keeps them far away. Then, the endings of all endings, Ji Mong left him too. That actually hit quite hard. However, Ji Mong showing up in the future was quite of cute-ish and ended the drama in a complete full circle.

As for the ending, I knew that it left a lot of viewers feeling unsatisfied. I watched the last episode a bit late and saw some spoilers online, so I was prepared for it. With that said, I think it ended well for all the tragedy that occurred in the end. She remembers, but she cannot go back. Then, there’s the hint of possibility of Wang So going to her in the future. To the good and wise king, Wang So, you sacrificed so much to be remembered as the good and wise king. Was it worth it?

Also, if you read my halfway review for this drama, all I can say is that none, absolutely none of my predictions came true. I was way too optimistic. Actually, I did say the third prince can take the crown which he did though only briefly.

Overall, this show was entertaining. I enjoyed it and would recommend it. However, I think there is better out there, but if you have the time, watch it. It has an engaging and complicated plot. It has a lot of eye candy and idols in the cast along with very talented veteran actors/actress. The scenery is beautiful and I love ancient style clothes though I did not appreciate the awkward belts the men had to wear. Well, that is it for this review. If you have seen this drama, tell me what you think and leave suggestions as to what I should watch next.