#1 Young Love


It is typhoon season here in Japan. The sky is always dark and the rain never seems to want to end. Even with a large umbrella, the strong winds are ensuring that we will all get wet. It is inevitable.


She hurriedly steps onto the train, taking out a small, pink hand towel out of her blue school bag to wipe off some of the rain drops from her face.


He is already there waiting for her in their designated cart and previously discussed location. He coolly walks closer to her and takes her hand in his. She gives him a shy smile while thoughts fly around in her head. She is hoping the humidity didn’t frazzle her hair or that the rain didn’t smudge her light make up. Girls in the same school uniform as her look on with envy. His one hand is clutching on the top hand rail and his other is wrapped around hers. They rock a bit, back and forth, side to side. Trains don’t run as smooth in the country side, but it is fine as they continue standing there, holding onto each other.


He has to get off at an earlier stop than her; before he steps out of the train, he gives her an awkward one arm hug. She isn’t prepared and doesn’t hug back. She looks on bashfully as he pats her head gently and wishes her a good day at school. He rushes through the sliding doors, out into the pouring rain. She looks around timidly, wondering if she should move to the lower hand rails so she can reach. She feels embarrassed and tries to stick it out for the rest of the train ride.


The girls from her school are curious. They huddle, stare, and talk, but no one approaches her. Riding the same train to school every day doesn’t exactly make you friends.


I rest back into my seat bringing the book in my hands closer to my face reminiscing on the old memories of innocent young love.