Spoiler Free Movie Review: “Sleeping Beauty” (2011)

Backstory: I wanted something to watch in the background while I worked on some stuff. “Sleeping Beauty” showed up on my Netflix and only after reading the small blurb and seeing the beautiful face of Emily Browning, I thought – why not?

Synopsis: Written and directed by Julia Leigh, Emily Browning stars as a university student working odd jobs until she finds one which requires her to be put to sleep while paying rich customers do what they want with her, without penetration.


Review (No Spoilers): This movie is 102 minutes long. At times, I found it interesting while other times, it was boring. Overall, it was okay. I don’t understand the hate, but I don’t understand the praise either. I read other reviews before writing this to see if I missed anything, but I really think this movie just didn’t make me care enough. The entire movie revolves around this one character that didn’t have those scenes that made viewers relate and care for them.
I feel that movies like this ride on that impactful ending and their “pushing the envelope” scenes. Honestly, the Man 2 scene was probably the only time I felt repulsed, but it was mainly due to Emily Browning’s acting. How could the actress close her eyes and remain motionless to what was being done to her? I wanted to know if she was actually fully conscious for those ‘sleeping scenes’ – no drugs or alcohol? I later read an interview of hers discussing her ‘sleeping scenes’, and I seriously give her mad props. I respect Emily Browning’s delivery on this challenging role,  and that’s it. I cared more for the actress than I did the character. Therefore, I didn’t have the epiphany moment at the end. Plus, the supposedly risque scenes didn’t bring it. It lacked an impression.
Pretty much, it was an alright movie; nothing special and nothing bad. Emily Browning is gorgeous though and looks amazing in this movie. That’s it.