Racism, misogyny, and bigotry: it all existed before Trump, but Trump has enabled all of these dusty skeletons to fully come out and take center stage in our country. Targeting Hispanics, Muslims, women, and everyone else, Trump has taught America that it’s perfectly fine to hate and to hate publicly. It’s scary. It’s absolutely terrifying how much fear and hatred this man has spread. This man who lacks compassion and empathy is supposedly the role model for so many Americans. We have allowed this. We have allowed fear and hatred to dominant our country and it is just sad. I am so upset at the direction our country is headed, even more so the direction our world is heading towards. Racism is alive and well in 2016 and it’s worldwide. Will we ever love again? Will we ever trust again? It doesn’t matter who wins this presidential election because the damage is done. The glass walls have been shattered, letting fear and hatred grow under a bright sun.


The insecure white man who was watching America diversify and mix felt his grip loosen as minorities grow and become more educated. He decided that he mustn’t let this tide turn completely. For the insecure white man to continue his reign, he had to make minorities his stepping stone. As he looked around, he realized that there were many other insecure men like him willing to help his pathetic cause and minorities who still blindly want to put the white man on a pedestal. STOP! I hope these people will be able to wake up and see that they aren’t an ally standing by his side but a pebble in his stepping stool.


Stop elevating him and all that he stands for. I’m scared to see what America will look like if Trump wins, if hatred and fear wins. STOP, America, it’s time to wake up. Trump isn’t making America great. He is dividing us and watching us fight while he and what he stands for rises in power.