~ Warning! Spoilers! Book Review: United We Spy By: Ally Carter ~

IMG_3434[1].JPGSummary: The inner Circle is plotting their worst and most dangerous plan ever. Can Cammie and her friends bring down the leaders of the Circle or will we see the entire world fall?

Review: I think the previous book set the standards a bit too high. After reading this one, the sixth and final book, the fifth book is still my most favorite. Yeah, the stakes are higher and the mission is more dangerous, but there was something lacking in it.. Honestly, I wasn’t a big fan of the ending. The six months after was cute, but it would have been nice to be able to check up on all the characters. Overall, it was a good read and a decent way to wrap up the series. The theme of sisterhood is still prevalent and even stronger in this which is nice. We are also introduced to the theme of growing up and becoming adults because our girls are seniors facing graduation now. I can’t believe it is over. I really can’t. Can this please have a live action version? Now onto the spoilers.

I think there were some unnecessary shockers. The hints were all there, but was it necessary for Zach to have a dad? After finding out Agent Townsend is Zach’s father, I couldn’t figure out how it added to the plot because I don’t think it did. This should have brought on a lot of deep rooted emotional turmoil, but it didn’t. There should have been some unresolved issues that aren’t resolved because they never arose somehow. I was confused as to when Catherine and Townsend being together even fit into the timeline. Yeah, it’s nice to know the identity of Zach’s biological dad, but come one, Joe Solomon was/is already his father figure, right?
This next one really bugged me, but did Catherine seriously have to burn down the school? It explains why she wanted back into the school and was willingly arrested. Even though the burning down of the school was dramatic, it did nothing for me. It enforces the theme that the sisterhood exist not with the school but within the girls, but there could have been another way to convey that. It also ensures Catherine’s death since she was there at the explosion, but she could have died another way. The things that this scene tried to do can be explainable in so many different ways that burning down the school just seemed unreasonable to me.
The last one is perfectly reasonable. I am just being a bit of a hater, but here it goes. I don’t like the engagement between Joe Solomon and Cammie’s mother. First, I don’t like that he proposed while Cammie was still in a coma. Second, Joe is marrying his best friend’s girl. I take the bro-code seriously, and this completely violates the bro code. And, they only technically, recently, found his bones. Plus, in the beginning, I was kind of hoping for Abby and Joe, but Abby got Townsend in the end which I like even better than Abby and Joe. Plus, she also got an unexplained step son. Does this makes Cammie and Zach sort of cousins??? Anyways, I know I am over thinking. All these things that bugged me are because I am heavily over analyzing. Yet, none of it takes away my overall love love love for the series.
This is the last one: was it ever explained why Cammie ended up in Georgetown?

Well, that’s it. Here’s to the end of a great YA series of girl power and sisterhood.


EDIT: Wedding Special: I found online that there is an additional short story following the sixth book. It was very sweet, and I wished there was more.