~ Spoiler Free Book Review: Out of Sight, Out of Time By: Ally Carter ~
Summary: Cammie wakes up in the Alpine: hurt, bruised, fatigued, and have no memory of what happened after leaving the Gallagher Academy. Months have passed and a Cammie who still thinks it’s summer, is back at school where everything is different. No one knows what happened to her, not even herself.
This is definitely my most favorite book in the series excluding the fact that I haven’t read the sixth and final book yet. The series has really grown, and the character development is so on point. Not to mention, the twist and turns were pretty thrilling. There’s more action in this and some legit spy drama. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. There was emotion, depth, and lots of story. I was genuinely worried for Cammie with her having to go through so much. Plus, I love that it ties in stuff from the first book which is always fun, bringing back the past. It’s crazy looking back at how Cammie was originally ‘The Chameleon’ – invisible. Yet, now she’s so visible and there’s no where for her to hide. Moreover, I liked the slow reveals of things because the pacing of uncovering each secret was really good. I had my doubts originally calling this series basic but fun. However, it has definitely amplified its game. This series delivers and I totally recommend people to read it from the beginning. Watching the writing grow is such a fun process as well. Go read it! Side note: I can totally see this story be turned into like a short TV show special kind of thing. PLEASE!
By the way, I was telling my friend about this book. I first described the setting: an all girls spy school. She connected girl spies to the awesome show, “Totally Spies”. I adore that cartoon so so much. It should seriously make a comeback. I can’t see it as a live action, but a current day reboot would be freaking awesome.
Warning Spoiler!!! I thought Dr. Steve was creepy AF from the first time we met him. When it was revealed that he was evil, I wanted to clap because I knew it and it made so much sense. LOL!
Alright, I shall end my rambling here and start on the last and final book. I can’t believe I’m already at the final stretch.