~ Spoiler Free Movie Review: “Mouse Hunt” Directed by: Gore Verbinski ~

Summary: When their father passes away, Ernie (Nathan Lane) and Lars Smuntz (Lee Evans), inherit a dying string factory and a decrepit mansion. After finding out that the mansion was built by a famous architect, the two brothers try to restore and sell the house. Now if only that pesky mouse would stop getting in their way.

Review: If you have read my other movie reviews, then you will know that I don’t watch movies, especially not old movie. However, a friend of mine hosted a movie night at his place and put this on for us to watch. Maybe, I watched it with a good crowd because I thought the movie was funny and entertaining. Looking online, the review for this movie were a little below average. IMDb gave it a 6.4/10 while Roger Ebert gave it a 2/4. Rotten Tomatoes only gave it a 43%.
The movie reminded me of “Home Alone” mixed with “Tom & Jerry”. I thought Nathan Lane and Lee Evans played off each other quite well. The movie is listed as slapstick humor, and I think it delivers on that. Possibly, I’m easily pleased, but I thought the movie had a lot of set-ups and good pay-off.
Looking at the deleted scenes, I felt that the movie should have included those clips of Christopher Walken because they were hilarious. It’s sad to see so many of his scenes not making it to the final cut.
Overall, it was a nice movie to watch while eating pizza with friends. Last thing, seriously though, there were some angles in the movie where Lee Evans looked like Blake Griffith. Hey, my friends agreed with me! 🙂