~ Spoiler Free Book Review: Only the Good Spy Young by: Ally Carter ~

Summary: We now all know that The Circle is after Cammie, but that’s all we know. We don’t know who the Circle are and why they are after Cammie. After another dangerous encounter over winter vacation and finding out that there’s a rogue agent within them, who can Cammie trust with her safety?


Review: The book started off with a kick revealing that there is a rogue agent in Cammie’s life, then it dies down. We get a lot of back and forth with Cammie and some with Cammie and Bex. The plot at that point begins to slow. I can see why it can be necessary, but it did bore me a tiny bit. Then, the pacing picks back up with more shocking revelations of Mr. Solomon, Cammie’s dad, Blackthorne, and Zach’s past. I enjoyed all this new information very much. Overall, the book is basic but fun. There’s more action in this and the way it ends really sets readers up in anticipation for the next book. Yeah, I’m definitely reading the next book. It’s an enjoyable series even if it does aim at a younger YA audience (my opinion). I would recommend this for people with time and who want to do some light reading. The books aren’t big, and the covers are super adorable. I love the plaid and different colors.