~ Book Review: The Elite (Book Two of The Selection series) By: Kiera Cass ~

                Summary: It started off with 35 girls, but now we are left with six. Who will America choose: her first love, Aspen, or the fairy tale prince, Maxon? Will Maxon even select, America to be his bride aka the future Queen?

If you had read my review on the first book, then you’ll know that I thought it was okay and that I wasn’t rushing to read the second one. Now that I have read the second, I don’t know if I’ll rush to read the third. It wasn’t like the book wasn’t interesting. At times, I felt myself getting caught up in all the drama. Also, we finally get introduced to a real villain. That’s exciting, but the main point of this series is love, right? So, why is it lacking in that department?

Warning! There might be some slight spoilers ahead, but it doesn’t actually spoil anything. So, this love triangle between America, Maxon, and Aspen is just painful. I was annoyed with America and her wishy-washy personality. It was all about Maxon until he does something she deems is wrong, so she goes back running to poor Aspen. I pity Aspen, but there’s not enough about his character to care for him. He is simply a nice boy who does nothing wrong and is really in love with America. That’s all. I was glad when Maxon finally gave something like an ultimatum to America, but he didn’t really follow through with it. So, it lacked a punch. Overall, it was hard watching this whole “Do you want me/I’ll wait for you” along with this whole threatening to leave the selection. I got tired occasionally and wanted her to just leave.

Like I said in the third book of the Gallagher Girl series review, the halfway point is usually the time when a book series becomes darker or more series. Readers have some new facts to digest. The beautiful kingdom was shown to be terribly corrupt, and it was revealed that the founder was actually a power-hungry bully.

With the riots becoming more frequent, America finally finding her voice for justice, and a villain to hate, I’m sure the third book will pick up its pace and contain more juicy revelations. Therefore, I’ll read the third book, not immediately though.

Second to last thing, I don’t really know if I support America. I know we should. She’s strong and independent according to the first book. She is compassionate and a voice for equality according to the second book. Yet, it seems all so contrived and there were times where she does something that completely goes against these awesome characteristics. Yeah, she’s growing, but I don’t believe her to be that great and more. Do readers of this book feel the same way?

Last thing, poor Marlee, but she is such a dumb girl. There were so many other ways to go about this.

In conclusion, it was a decent read, and I’ll surely finish the series, but I’m wondering if I want to read the short stories as well…