~ Warning Spoilers: Book Review: Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover By: Ally Carter ~

Summary: Over the summer, Cammie went to see her roommate, Macey and during the visit, an unknown group of professionals attempted to kidnap Macey. School has resumed and the girls, Bex, Liz, and Cammie, will do everything in their power to keep their friend safe.


This is the third book in a six book series, and the midpoint is the perfect timing for the series to take a more serious tone. It’s not like the book becomes super dark or dark at all because it is still very emphasize on the young in young adult. However, I like that it is getting more emotional and real. The main plot of this third book wasn’t all that pulling, and the twist in the end was much of a shocker. I wasn’t emotionally invested in Macy’s attempted kidnapping, and it was so obvious it was suppose to be Cammie. However, it did get me pumped for the fourth book. I look forward to it, and I know I will continue to enjoy what’s left in the series. I was happy to see Zach make an appearance, and it seems like he will have an interesting backstory. It was cool seeing more of the sisterhood and of the other girls besides Cammie and watching their personal lives develop. Now, if only Liz and Bex can get paired up as well. That will be super cute. I have to admit that Cammie was a bit annoying in this book, and her taking Macey out and then losing her was really unlike her. Additionally, the whole cat and mouse plot was a bit of a drag. Yet, I did like this reoccurring theme of trust, especially trust between spies and trust between sisters. Overall, this book was okay, and I still think the series is great. I hope the fourth book will come in the mail soon.  img_33501