~ Spoiler Free Movie Review: Japanese Title: 君の名は (KimiNoNaWa) / English title: Your Name ~

your_name_posterPlot: Mitsuha MIYAMIZU is a female high school student living in the country side dreaming of moving to the big city, Tokyo. Taki TACHIBANA is a male high school student living in Tokyo. The two of them start dreaming about living each other’s lives, and when they wake up, they feel a sense of something missing, something important.

I don’t want to judge the plot too much because I watched this movie in the cinema in Japanese without subtitles. I am still studying Japanese, so even though I have a general understanding of the movie, there might be some details I was unable to pick up because of my lack of fluency in Japanese. With that explanation out of the way, the movie was freaking amazing! The animation was so precise and beautiful. The details of the scenery and nature were top notch. I think that’s the big difference between Japanese and American animated movies. Japanese movies want their animation movies to look as real as life. American animation movies still has the essence of watching a cartoon.  It is worth it to watch this movie solely for how pretty it is.

As for the plot, it is not as over complicated as I thought it would be with especially with this whole concept of switching bodies. I loved the big twist in the timeline. I was actually shocked by it. There was a point where I thought the movie was going to end, but it continued on which was fine. However, I have to admit that I wasn’t completely satisfied with the ending. One more thing, Japanese movies are so so good at tugging at one’s heart strings. *This might be a bit of a spoiler, but this movie did remind me a little of the Taiwanese movie, Secret, starring Jay Chou. It is only very little though.*img_33361

This is currently the number one movie in Japan, and I can see why. I recommend that everyone go check this movie out.