I haven’t been writing or reading lately. Work has been busy, and I really need to get my shit together and study. There is just not enough time especially if you like to also binge watch shows on the daily… Yup, I can’t seem to prioritize well. Anyways, to keep this blog afloat, I decided to do another book tag. I also saw this book tag on ABookWyrmsLair page.


Choose any current popular songs from the Billboard Charts and match it to a relevant book or character. (My favorite number is 5. So, I will do five and to make it even, I will add one more. Therefore, it’s in fact six. Also, instead of choosing my favorite songs, I will simply follow the order.)


  1. “Closer” is currently my favorite song right now. I am absolutely in love with Halsey. To me, this song is about ex-lovers reuniting. Ain’t that romantic? Now I am trying to think of a book about ex-lovers reuniting. They aren’t technically ex-lovers, but there is a big reunion at the end… at least in the movie. Sorry, I haven’t read the book because I actually didn’t like the movie… I know I shouldn’t judge a book by its movie… I should stop dragging this on. Love, Rosie is what I was thinking of. Hey! There’s actually a hotel in the story, too. Haha.Love Rosie.png
  2. I fell in love with twenty one pilots last year and would love to see them live. Their lyrics are the best. “Heathens” is part of the Suicide Squad soundtrack (watched it, reviewed it), so instead of an actual heathen, I am picturing a group of hoodlums or a gang of bad boys. My favorite “bad boys” have always been the Fuentes brothers in the trilogy written by Simone Elkeles: Perfect Chemistry, Rules of Attraction, and Chain Reaction. In all honesty, looking at the lyrics of the song, the boys don’t actually fit, but screw it. I already wrote out this answer. Anyhow, my favorite brother is Carlos, but Alex is an extremely close second. With that said, can these books become movies already? Pretty please with a cherry on top perfect-chemistry
  3. I am lukewarm towards this song, “Cold Water”, and the only lyric I can remember from this song is I won’t let go. I won’t let go and cold waters – SHIT, how can one not be reminded of Titanic? LOL!titanic.png
  4. I don’t like this song, “Cheap Thrills”, at all. What is it? Is Sia singing about her love for inexpensive entertainment? Her voice is amazing, but I am still not a fan of this song. I recently read a disappointing book; I’ll pair this so-so book with this song which never grew on me. The Girl on the Train.img_33081
  5. WOW! Chainsmokers got two songs into the top ten and one of them is number one. That’s pretty awesome. “Don’t Let Me Down” has lyrics like I need you, don’t let me down, losing my mind, I hope that you’ll be here, etc. I am trying to think of a situation where a female protagonist is waiting for her prince to rescue her. For some odd reason, the first choice that pops up is Romeo and Juliet. I have others popping up in my head now, but the first one wins. Side story: my freshmen year English high school teacher showed us both of these movies after we finished reading the book. romeo and juliet.png
  6. Cool! Twenty one pilots also got two songs into the top ten as well. “Ride”, to me, is about a person questioning and particularly over analyzing life, death, and relationships. I don’t know why, but I am reminded of the butler in The Remains of the Day. Side note: Kazuo Ishiguro is probably one of my favorite modern writers. So in the book, an old butler goes on a road trip which is the ride to revisit a person from his past and throughout the journey, he recounts memories of his previous employer. He is thinking about life, he is thinking about death, and he is thinking about relationships. Dang, out of these, this one is probably the best fit… I suck at this. My brain just free flows into random thoughts that don’t truly connect.IMG_3040[1]This was fun. I know I was all over the place with this book tag, but I think everyone should try it and also tell me what you thought of my song and book/character/movie connecting abilities.