It seems nowadays, every young female starlet wants to sing songs about being an independent woman or play a groundbreaking strong female role. Female celebrities who claim to be feminist create a tiny shock factor, but those who play the act of a feminist are often well loved, defended online, and seem as courageous even. There’s nothing wrong with something being a trend. It brings awareness to the issue and normalize things that usually should be commonplace. However, when something like feminism becomes a trend, like any other over hyped trend, it is bound to receive unwarranted hate. I will talk about this later, but you also have people who will claim that trend because it is the “it” thing to do without any understanding. Now, there is a rise of feminist in Hollywood, but it’s not all equal.

The biggest problem with current day feminism aren’t the people who don’t support the feminism movement. I know that media has manipulated and painted it to be, at times, a crazy and ugly thing. However, in the end of the day, it is just about wanting equal rights for men and women and what’s wrong with that? No, the problem plaguing it nowadays are the successful, rich, and privileged white feminist and their hurtful comments and actions towards POC. Look at the nonsense that Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer recently sprouted against men of color. Putting down men of color does what for feminism now?

I look back to one of the best examples – Patricia Arquette’s acceptance speech [Oscars 2015]. “We have fought for everyone’s equal rights. It’s our time to have wage equality and equal rights for women in America.” After this statement, you can see Meryl Streep giving a standing ovation and J.LO following behind. It’s so symbolic. The latter part of the quote is quite nice, I guess, but when you read the top part again –   WE “white women” have kindly used our time to help everyone “POC”. Now, it’s time for you to repay us and stop what you are doing “fighting for basic human rights” and help us “rich, white women” in the most paramount fight for equal pay.

Alright, basic human rights and equal pay both have their importance, but I really hope that I don’t have to compare the significance of the two for anyone.

I know, this is a very controversial topic. It becomes quite a heated issue in debates and discussions. I, myself, don’t even know if I should post this or not. Luckily, I have no social media presence.

All in all, with feminism still going strong as a trend in Hollywood, it’s good for young girl (and boys) to see more and more strong and confidently sexy idols. There are definitely feminist in Hollywood who are doing great work, so please understand that what I am saying is considered to be on the extreme spectrum. Yet, let’s not allow it to be the norm. Let’s continue the fight for equal right for everyone.

Like always, there’s an exception to every opinion, and this – is simply just my opinion. Take it as you like and don’t take it if you don’t like it.