A few weeks ago, I went to watch Suicide Squad with a friend who knows nothing about comic books or comic book movies. I also do not know much about the comic book world, but I am a comic book movie watching addict. I can’t help it, so I knew I needed to watch Suicide Squad. I saw that Rotten Tomatoes did not rate this movie well at all. I was a little disappointed. I was wondering if this would be another Batman vs Superman because I did not like that movie. I went into the movie hoping it wasn’t as bad as Batman vs Superman… It wasn’t. Instead, my friend and I both walked out of the movie not understanding why it received so much hate. We were both quite entertained.

My favorite character hands down is Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie. Harley seems like such a fun, psychotic character to play. She is so in love, so fucked up, and seriously the perfect anti-hero. Margot Robbie did such a great job with Harley. Plus, Margot Robbie is such a beauty and absolute perfection. Side note, I do think she looks better as a blonde though. Next, my second favorite character is El Diablo. What a fucking good backstory and redemption!

My least favorite character is probably Deadshot played by Will Smith because he had so many scenes and there was a lot of focus on him, but he is probably the least interesting character with the most bland backstory.

One thing I was really disappointed with was how little Joker played by Jared Leto showed up in the movie. He was a highly publicize character/role and barely showed up on screen. I felt like I got “jipped”, and it made me a bit sad. At first, I did not like how thuggish Jared Leto’s Joker looked, but then, it grew on it. I guess it can be considered edgy. Now, the limited scenes with Joker blew my mind. I like this new take of Joker though like everyone else especially those who grew up with Dark Knight, like me, Heath Ledger’s Joker probably holds a special place in your heart. Yes, I am saying he is my favorite.

My only compliant is that even though Cara is a stunning girl, very stunning girl, I think she might be too young for the role, Enchantress. Yet, her acting resume is surely and steadily growing, so she can only get better from here.

Did anyone else notice how many useless characters there were? For example, why cast a handsome man like Scott Eastwood and have him practically do nothing? Now, don’t get me started on Katana. As an Asian-American, myself, I was pretty excited to see a fresh face / new Asian American actress. However, I was once again disappointed with her playing somewhat of an unimportant role in a big franchise. Katana doesn’t really do much, but I guess she is better than the new Jubilee in X-men. Truthfully, I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I heard it is pretty much a glorified cameo when the cartoon her was so cool.  Well, if there’s one thing I do know, it is that Karen Fukuhara’s Katana is a skyscraper better than what Fan Bing Bing did in X-men as Blink. She pretty much shows up to say hi China and then dies.

Moving on, my friend that knows nothing about the comics and hasn’t seen much of the movies had a hard time following all the characters because there were too many. She is being totally reasonable and that’s something to watch out for. As someone with some understanding from watching comic movies and comic cartoons often, I think they did a decent job trying to give everyone screen time and making us feel for each one of them by introducing their past. In the end of the day, there just really wasn’t enough time, I guess.

Like MCU, of course, there was an ending credit and of course, it was to once again remind you that the justice league is coming and to look forward to it. We shall see. Before I end this, I want to proclaim my LOVE for the soundtrack. I seriously think I love every single song on it too much. It’s good stuff.