I just want to start this off by saying that I don’t know much about movies. I am not a 13301471_10153687198223716_4414900814471367992_omovie buff and know nothing about camera angles or special effects. However, I know when I am entertained and when I like something. With this movie, I was seriously interested from beginning to end. I was not expecting much going in and that helps. My friend got discounted movie tickets on Tuesday and I picked this one to watch. I have seen the previous two reboot films, so why not watch this one as well. I am not a trekkie and don’t know much about the original series besides popular pop culture references. I have only seen the two previous new reboots and that’s it.

I thought the action in this movie was good. A lot of cool stuff happened. I liked that it wasn’t just action and the characters kind of had some troubles with inner conflicts and their relationships with others.

It was fun watching Karl Urban’s character, Bones, step up and really embrace the role of comic relief. In addition, the new character, Jaylah, played by Sofia Boutella was super kickstbteaserspock ass and her banter with Scotty played by Simon Pegg was also fun to watch. Also, her outer appearance was impressive and dope, wasn’t it? I felt like Chris Pine’s character, Captain James T. Kirk, sort of took a backseat in this movie just a tiny bit, but it’s alright. I wished there was more bromance with him and Spock. He had some with Bones, and there was some with Bones and Spock, but I miss Spock and Captain Kirk. I did like that Spock’s relationship with Uhura was barely a focus. The movie didn’t need any love plot lines.

I know there was some controversy with John Cho’s Sulu. In honor of the previous actor, George Takei, this newest Stark Trek film portrayed Sulu as a gay man (with a family). George Takei did come out and say he did not agree with this decision because it will change all of Sulu’s backstory. As someone who doesn’t know anything about the original series, I have to say that it is a reboot. There will be changes, and this change was not really highlighted in the movie. Though, it was pretty random that Sulu’s daughter only appears in this movie and isn’t some tiny baby.

Last thing, I did not really understand the villain’s real intent. I was not buying Kstar20trek_20w20nieznane20-20plakat20bones400rall’s
played by Idris Elba motive. Oh, by the way, I watched Jungle Book recently on my plane ride and was like dang, Idris Elba, you are playing a bad guy again and a bad guy that only uses your voice and doesn’t show off your handsome face again.

In the end, I had a fun time watching the movie and so did my friend. If you are like me, I think will you enjoy it too.

RIP Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin – It’s just too sad.

I am glad that they went with the decision to not recast Anton Yelchin’s character.