~ Spoilers Free: Book Review: STARGIRL by: Jerry Spinelli ~

I saw this book  at a second hand bookstore recently with my little cousin. I told her she needed to get it because I remember a lot of my school friends liking this book when I was younger. I have always wanted to read it since it was so popular among my friends, but I never found time to because at that time I was way more interested in reading manga and watching Asian dramas. Now, I can say I have finally read Stargirl, and it’s amazing.

Plot Summary: Stargirl has always been homeschooled but will now start attending Mica High as a tenth grader in a small Arizona town. In a place where the norm is conformity, Stargirl will take the school by storm with her wacky outfits, eccentric antics, and extremely, extremely friendly personality. The school will love her at first, but as we all know, “the nail that sticks up shall be hammered down”. Can Stargirl continue being true to herself or will she have to change to make friends and more importantly, have her boyfriend, Leo, not be embarrassed to be with her in public?

I truly believe that this book and the message it is trying to send about kindness and being true to yourself is even more paramount in today’s society especially with teenagers now. I really hope my little cousin reads this book and can understand its impacted message. I also hope that pre-teens and teenagers in general will pick up this book. What this book teaches kids is very necessary. With that said, I would totally rate this book 5/5. Everyone should read this book if they have never read it before, and if you have, it is a good book to revisit. Compassion and nonconformity are two really beautiful concepts that should be practiced more often and freely.

 The plot is great. It is told through the eyes of Leo, and I think he does an awesome job of introducing readers to the lovable Stargirl. At times, I feel that Stargirl is possibly doing too much, and I realize that if I was at the school, I would avoid someone like Stargirl. I hope that I can learn from this feeling and be more accepting. I want to be more accepting of differences, and I want to be more accepting of others’ benevolence. I think that is the best part of this book – it left me feeling like I wanted to be a better person. Plus, I love the ending – the mysteriousness of it, is perfect.

There is a sequel, Love Stargirl, but since I liked this book so much… I am scared that the sequel will ruin it for me. There seems to be a lot of good reviews online for the second book, so I might give it a try if it ever comes my way. Now that I have read a Jerry Spinelli book and fell in love with it, I will probably search up his other books and read them too. :))

 PS: The previous owner left this random and cute sticky note. LOL!