~ Spoiler Free: Book Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child ~

Maybe, it is because it’s a script and not an actual novel. Maybe, it is because it was written by Jack Thorne and not actually by J K Rowling. Maybe, it is because for such a thick book, there is actually really little content. Maybe, it is because for someone who likes paperback, I felt forced to buy an expensive hardcover that left me disappointed.

That’s it. I was disappointed. An excited fan quickly got her sister to take to her to the nearest bookstore which is still quite far from her parents’ house the day this book came out only to be left feeling disappointed.

I am fine with reading scripts. I had to do that for a script writing class I took in college. That was not the problem for me. My problems, yes problems were about everything else. I hated that the characters we loved from the canon barely showed up. I hated this whole being thrown back and forth into these alternate universes that made no sense. I hated the introduction of this new villain and her supposed backstory which seemed way too contrived. I hated how these emotional moments which were suppose to make me cry or feel something, did nothing of that sort… I hated that the ending left me with a feeling of being sold short.   IMG_1488[1]

I don’t want to dwell. Maybe, what it really is, is that fans like me, had expectations that were too high. Being hopeful, the play is probably a whole lot better, though sadly, not easily accessible.