I took the JLPT N2 yesterday. It wasn’t difficult, but I barely studied and I realized after the test that my study focus was completely wrong. I’ll probably fail, but I think I now know what it is I need to know to pass the second time. Also, my listening skills are crap.

           I spent a lot of time pretending to study for this test. I’m glad it is finally over, so I can finally focus more on my writing and other hobbies such as reading. If you have seen my Instagram, you’ll notice that I am on a sort of reading roll. I started reading The Selection which is pretty much The Bachelor set in a new world with a royal twist and political unrest in the backdrop. I can’t deny that the book can be cheesy at times. I find America and Aspen’s relationship to be a bit corny. Also, America is too perfect anti-system. However, I was hoping for a good love story, so I cannot complain. They story caught my basic attention, and I want to read the second book.

          As promised, I will be posting “Meet You Again”, an original one scene write-up soon, most likely tomorrow.

           Since my previous blog post come with a photo, here’s one of my small collIMG_1474[1]ection of Japanese books. I cannot actually read anything more difficult than simple manga, but for the novels, I have read the English version and hope to one day be able to read the Japanese (original) ones. =D I’ll post again tomorrow.