What’s up world? I know my last two posts were my opinions on pop culture news. I hope you enjoyed reading it. If you didn’t, I’m sorry. Anyways, I have a big test coming up soon which I should/have to study for. So, I don’t have time to write fiction. A while back, I wrote something like a one shot/one scene. I am thinking if I should expand it into a story or not, but currently, I like it just the way it is – a short one scene write up. With that said, I will be posting it up in a few days. Look forward to it! By the way, if you haven’t read my previous short story, The Lonely Princess and the Talking Rabbit (TLPATTR), go check that out too. I would describe it as a dark fairy tale. Anyways, to cheer you up and myself, here is a nice picture of some cherry blossoms (sakura) from the last time I went hanami (flower viewing). Peace out! =D IMG_2768[1]