By now the whole world knows that Taylor Swift is dating Tom Hiddleston, and they have already met the parents. Supposedly, she broke up with Calvin Harris to get with Tom. (Honestly, I would too.) Obviously, she is getting a lot of heat and judgement for this. My question is WHY?

          People judge her for dating a lot of different men. I think we all know by now that Taylor cannot stay single for shit. Yet, we all probably know a girl like that in our lives, possibly even a boy. You know, that one friend or acquaintance that monkey bars from one relationship to another, never letting their feet touch of the floor. It happens. Everyone is advising her to try single life and to try enjoying single life (I feel the same), but give it up. It’s not happening, especially not now. There are other celebrities who have gotten with someone new right after the news just broke that they broke up with someone. Maybe, it’s the industry, but what do I know? Does it help to know that she’s not the only one? Does it help to know that she isn’t a cheater?

          Additionally, she gets a lot of flack for writing about her breakups. I’m sorry. All writers write what they know and somewhat and somehow add a little personal feeling to it. It is what it is. All writers do it. Other song writers write about their love life/breakups, but it’s either not them singing it or their love life isn’t as public as Taylor’s. Swift’s love life is so public and on the news so often that her love life is a Kardashian. She has other songs not about love or breakups such as “Bad Blood” and my personal favorite “Ronan” though it’s not a popular track of hers.

          I get it. People want to piss on her because she puts up this good girl image when she could be a mean girl inside. I get it. Compared to other singers, Taylor doesn’t cut it vocally. But, hello? We still made her famous just like the Kardashians, and it’s not like she is a bad role model. I apologize for mentioning the Kardashians a second time. It just came out. Anyways, let’s admit it: Taylor Swift is a crazy good entertainer. Her lyrics are easy to sing to. Her music is enjoyable. Her music videos are usually fun to watch, and she most definitely can pack a concert stadium. Taylor is nothing less than smart. She knows what it is she is doing from the music she produces to the image she maintains. I personally likes her songs.

          I’m pretty sure I’m talking too much. It’s time to wrap this up with my last thought. Everyone knows the reputation Taylor has and how if you get with her, there will be a famous song about you. Comedians are already joking about the title for Tom’s song. YET! BUT! HOWEVER! I don’t get it. How is she still getting all these really good-looking and talented men? Seriously, she can still get anyone with her reputation, and it’t not like she’s the hottest girl ever. So, my last question for you is – what’s wrong with the rest of us?