You probably heard how Demi recently ‘threw shade’ at Mariah Carey by calling her rude and mean in Ariana Grande’s defense to a meme some stranger posted comparing the two songstress – Ariana and Mariah. How can one hear this and not think: Stop Demi, you are doing the most.

          This is the same girl who called Nicki Minaj out for not tagging her in an Instagram photo. This is the same girl who called Taylor Swift out for not doing anything for Kesha and then called her out for not doing enough. There are some other stuff, and I can:t help but think, why Demi why?

          Ariana Grande doesn’t need you to defend her, and Jennifer Lopez doesn’t need you to drag her in. She has a good career in TV, music, and Vegas to not need to care.

          I can’t help but think that Demi most certainly has the talent and beauty to be as popular as her peers in this industry, and she’s been at it since Barney days. Maybe… There needs to be more focus on the music and herself. By the way, I do love the new duet with Brad Paisley.

          Seriously though, people don:t need to have an opinion on everything. Even if they do, they don:t need to post it all the time. I know this is hypocritical for an opinion piece, but it’s true. Everyone already knows Mariah Carey is a diva, but she and Ariana are divas in their own right.

          Demi is amazing. She has battled an eating disorder, been to rehab, and came back to promote a confident body, positive image. She’s most certainly a fighter, but let’s stop the fighting. How many more fandoms do you want to clap back at and why must you always reply? Work on yourself, Demi. Your voice deserves super stardom and shouldn’t be spent on creating flame wars online.


          I’ll like to end this with – opinions aren’t facts and shouldn’t be viewed as such. Take and opinion as what it is, an opinion.